Healthy Agency Finances

Tame complexity, take control.

Feel in control by understanding

how money REALLY works in agencies — online course

Introducing the course

The course is presented by Steve Parks. In this video, Steve gives an overview of what you can expect.

This is the course every agency founder needs to take — it'll be the 'aha!' moment for understanding the way money works in your agency.

Finances in an agency are different from those in any other type of business.

But agency leaders generally rely on generic traditional approaches — the same admin as a manufacturing or retail business — and end up feeling that everything is a bit out of control and they are always fire-fighting.

So what are the key financial metrics for an agency business, and how do you ensure they are in balance so you feel more in control?

How do you forecast in a more useful way?

And how can you communicate to the rest of the team about how things are going?

This course is not about accounting-level finance (and doesn't replace that), it's about how fonder-CEOs can get a clearer sense of how their agency is doing financially on a day-to-day basis.

Therefore it's aimed at non-financial agency leaders — CEOs, COOs, MDs, directors, partners. Though it may also be of interest to CFOs and FDs who want to help others in the business get to grips with the numbers by sharing them in an easily understandable way.

In nearly 4 hours of engaging, practical, value-packed video lessons you'll learn:

  • The key concepts for how money works in an agency business model, so you can get a more instinctive feel for how your agency is doing financially.
  • How to monitor the health, balance and progress of your agency with key metrics.
  • How to create a 'living forecast' that is more useful in steering the agency, and ironing out what feels like a rollercoaster ride.
  • How to monitor your agency's 'cash runway' in a more practical way.
  • How to set up a simple and clear agency finance dashboard, getting started with our fully functional spreadsheet template (which you can copy in Google Sheets and customise for your own use).

It's an eLearning course, so you can get started right away, learn at your own pace, and keep coming back for refreshers.

We continue to add extra modules to the course, and so in time the price will increase to reflect this. But existing students will get access to new lessons at no extra charge. So the best value time to buy the course is now.

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How agency finances work

Understand the mechanics of how money works in a professional or creative services firm.

Avoid the rollercoaster

How a healthier balance in agency finances, and a different approach to forecasting, can make for a smoother ride.

Agency Dashboard

How to implement a simple agency finances dashboard, with some key metrics that can give you a leader's view on how things are going.

What agency founders say about this course

"It’s completely transformed how I forecast and monitor our financial performance. The dashboard helps me maintain a sustainable relationship between our profit, our people, and our reinvestment in the business. I can't imagine doing my job without it."
— Andy Hayes, founder, Quietroom

"Fantastic, thought provoking. I came away with some great practical tips and monitoring that I could put into place immediately. Am excited to see how these help improve our agency growth!"

— CEO, Marketing agency

"Had high expectations and it met them. A must for any agency leader."

— Danny, CEO, Neomam

"Engaging, well explained topic. Felt like I came away with a lot of useful things I need to go away and try to implement with my team. Really good, thanks!"

— Simon, CEO, Studio24

Course Curriculum — nearly 4 hours of video lessons

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